3 steps to assist your clients in releasing emotional pain

Here at Intuitive Life Coach Academy we like to take technical information and simplify it. Did you know there are 3 basic steps to release emotional pain?
1. Honor- Whatever the experience is,assist your client in honoring it. (Whatever you resist, will persist) It is happening for a reason: Asking the right questions will allow their higher thinking to discover the reasons.
1st The Laws of Attraction are always working for or against them. Question for client.. “How have your thoughts and feelings contributed to this event?”
2nd reason, there are greater things happening beyond our knowledge and understanding. These are events that have spiritual purpose for our growth and experiences while on the planet. Instead of asking “Why Me?” Assist your client to see “What can I learn from this?”
There is always a message of love in all of our pain. The Message of Love, is “What did I come to learn from this experience coming from the perception of a Divine Infinite Being?”
2. Release – Be willing to release old beliefs and perceptions concerning this issue. Your client has created rules that perhaps no longer work for them concerning beliefs and perceptions around the circumstances. Assist them in discovering these rules that are no longer working and are actually keeping them stuck. Question to ask “What rules have you set up for yourself that keeps you in this pain?” Example: “I must do what others want me to in order to feel loved.” 3. Reframe- Assist your client in discovering what they would rather have. Reframe the experience by moving them from what “I Don’t Want” to “What I Do Want” list. Have the client imagine the ideal scenario taking place. Assist them in bringing in all of the senses to create this visualization and re-create the ideal scene replaying it out loud to you. Thus re-framing a negative experience into a positive one.
You have just assisted them in receiving a new perception of their story, seeing new possibilities for themselves and assisting them to create a better outcome..
I look forward to your journey as an Intuitive Life Coach.
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I look forward to your journey as an Intuitive Life Coach.
Happy Coaching,
Sandra Weller, Founder and Trainer