Learning to be financially prosperous as a Light Worker

Hi Sandra:
I enjoyed your email about getting answers to prayers. I am at a transitional place now with my business and am definitely seeking answers through prayer. I keep trying to apply the law of attraction, Prayer, Faith etc., and I just know that the next day is going to bring the changes etc., that I desire, but it’s not happening! What am I doing wrong OR better yet, what more can I do? I feel like I have put forth more energy and positive “feelings” than anyone I know, but nothing is changing and others seem to move forward without any effort. I wonder if I had more money, more classes, more faith, but that’s not fair because I know that what I know is enough to get started and that my faith is strong – stronger than some others even. So where am I going wrong? -Julie, Washington

Dear Julie,
This is a common problem, especially with Light Workers. I have found that individuals who want to make a living serving others have many blocks about being paid to do something spiritual that may help others. In fact there is a statistic that says 80% of Light Workers make less than 25k a year. I used to fall in that category and was where you are. I did a lot of soul searching in the beginning and through experience of seeing clients and spirit’s direction, I have learned many lessons.

1. You are doing a dis-service when there is not a fair exchange of energy, whether that be money, trade for service or whatever is appropriate for you. When individuals don’t want to pay you or can’t, they are hurting themselves of prosperity coming in. It is the law of cause and effect; when you give, you receive. You must have a fair exchange of energy.

2. To determine how much you can charge for sessions, you must go within and ask what you feel is a fair exchange, what you are giving and what you are receiving. Your job is to raise what I call your “money thermostat”, the value you place on your service. If it is too low or high, in other words it doesn’t match your beliefs, your desires won’t be met. (by the way, your real or subconscious desires are always being met on some level. Refer to no. 3&4)

3. To raise your money thermostat, you must match desire and belief in your subconscious, where your deep seeded beliefs lie. Use the “Meditate on the Go” Journal and planner to assist you in getting clear on what you want and how to get it. You must get comfortable with whatever amount of income you want. When desire and beliefs don’t match, the puzzle pieces of universal flow won’t fit and it will not come in.

4. Do some emotional clearing on poverty issues that probably lie in the DNA. “I must work hard for money, money doesn’t grow on trees, I must put it away and hoard it because there won’t be enough later.” These beliefs come from parents and grandparents raised during the depression. They very much play a part in your belief system. Rapid Eye has a great session to clear that using a scrambler method of disconnecting from the core belief and the DNA and re-framing what is better for you.

5. When going through challenges, ask what do I want to learn from this experience? Once upon a time you came from a place of all knowing, your Divine Self. You knew no fear from this place. You set up experiences that would give you contrasting emotions on this planet so you could have the experience of them. The knowledge gained provides you compassion, understanding and deeper love for humanity, if you allow them. Journal what you are learning from these experiences, many times, you will receive more information about yourself and the experience so you can move through it quicker.

Know that all of life’s experiences are part of the journey you have laid out for yourself. Ask for more clarity and information about yourself. “Who am I and What is my purpose?” The two greatest questions that cannot be fully answered in this lifetime; because you’re too magnificent.

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